6 Easy Principles of Exercise !!!

I love doing all different forms of exercise to challenge my body and mind.  Sometimes, I’m looking to gain strength and power, while other times, I’m looking to build lean muscle.  I also might cross train or do some interval training to work on strength and conditioning. 

 Our body’s are resilient and capable of lifting heavy weights, doing high impact exercises (i.e. running and jumping), building lean muscle, burning fat, and doing interval training.  As long as we don’t have any joint or musculoskeletal injuries that are contraindications to certain movements, WE CAN DO IT ALL.  BUT, we must take the proper steps before attempting any of these methods of training.  If the necessary steps are not taken, you can get seriously injured OR re-injure a previous injury. ️‍

Here are 6 basic principles that I follow while training.  These allow me to work out hard, try new things, and push my limits without causing injuries: 

1. Flexibility: helps to keep your muscles balanced and capable of going through full ranges of motion without straining them. 

2. Mobility: makes sure our joints can work through desired ranges of motion without hurting ligaments or the joint itself.

3. Stability: makes sure that our muscles and joints are working together to provide strength and body/postural awareness through all ranges of motion so we have NO WEAK LINKS in our chain. This also helps us to become more in-tune with our body so we know what feels right and what feels like a potentially dangerous position. 

4. Skill: this means that we are taking the time to perfect the form or the techniques needed to do specific exercises without injury (don’t rush it). 

5. Ego: Don’t let your ego get you injured!  Ego is good because it will push you far, BUT it can hurt you big time if you push yourself past your capabilities.  It can also hurt you if you are not listening to your body when you feel those tweaks.  No one will think lesser of you if you say no to getting hurt (unless you’re a meathead lol).

6. Recovery: Proper sleep, nutrition, and mindset are all a part of recovery.  If needed, take an extra day off!  We have our whole lives to work out, so you’re not missing out on anything!! (unless you get injured ??).  Some forms of active recovery are daily massages, yoga, chiropractic adjustments, foam rolling, stretching, sauna, etc.


We have our whole lives to work out, so you’re not missing out on anything (unless you get injured)


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