Do You Foam Roll?

You work hard at the gym and you have to work hard at recovery as well!  If you don’t give your body some TLC and sufficient time to recover, you’ll increase your risk of an overuse injury.  This is where the foam roller comes into play.


5 Benefits of foam rolling:

1)     Promotes blood flow and nutrition to your muscles.

2)     Loosens or relaxes tight/over active muscles that may be in spasm.

3)     Breaks up scar tissue and muscle that may be stuck together limiting range of motion.

4)     Drains muscles of metabolic waste like lactic acid after a work out.

5)     Stimulates muscles and priming them for a workout.

3 main areas to foam roll:

There are many areas on the body to foam roll but we can break it down to the “BIG 3” muscle groups that generally need the most work

1) MIDDLE BACK: working on this area can help with our posture and shoulder health , this area is also prone to trigger points and muscle spasms. Start in your middle back and roll up to the top of your shoulders to the bottom of your wing bones or just a little below. It’s a good idea to stretch you chest muscles right after so they don’t pull your shoulders forward causing spasms in the upper back again.

2) GLUTES (butt) : we sit on our butts all day so they become weak and sometimes the muscles can become stuck together, develop trigger points etc. Rolling your butt will help ring the muscles out like a sponge and bring fresh blood flow to the muscles which will improve hip mobility and prime these muscles for a nice walk or other exercise!!

3) CALVES: Calves have a lot to do with posture and even the mechanics of our whole body! If your foundation on your house is weak the walls can crack and effect much more than that. The calves also play a role in circulation of blood. If these muscles are tight or weak or have scar tissue build up, the joints suffer and our circulation can suffer long term as well. Stretch and exercise your calves after for a better effect.

Have questions?  Feel free to ask when you see me around the gym!

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