The scale does NOT dictate your value.


Close your eyes and imagine…

6 months from now…

You step on the scale and it says that MAGIC number.

You did it – you hit your goal!


So, how do you feel?

No, really – how do you feel?

Are you tired constantly?

Irritable with family and friends?

Constantly skipping social functions where food will be plentiful?

Is hitting that magic number worth the expense of living fully?

And if it’s not, then what exactly does success look like for you?

You do not need to hit a magic number on the scale to be successful – to be a valuable person to so many people.

No, you really don’t.

So close your eyes again.

In 6 months, how do you want to feel?

What are you REALLY after?

Do you want to wake up with energy?

Do you want to have more patience with your kids?

Do you want to be able to chase them around without needing often breaks?

Do you want to feel free to socialize with friends and not be controlled by thoughts of food?

Do you want your clothes to fit comfortably?

Do you want to look in the mirror with confidence?

Because we’ll tell you right now – you can achieve ALL of those things without ever having the scale tell you you’re failing.

Define your success outcomes by things that matter –

Not an arbitrary number on the scale. 

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