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Are You Ready to GET-FIT?

Our 8 week Get Fit program is having such an impact on our clients health and fitness that I feel compelled to blog about it….

My Favorite Fruit

Avocados have got a bad Rap! But why? Because they are bad for you ? Like many things that have to do with health and…

Considerations for Creatine Supplementation, Should You Supplement with Creatine?

Since way back ( I know I am dating myself here..) in the 1990’s creatine has been a very popular and highly researched sports supplement….

5 Ways to Boost Your Gut Health

Your gut, or gastrointestinal tract, contain about 100 trillion bacteria, with 500 different species, all of which play a role in your overall health.  Some…

The Further You Can Walk The Healthier You Are

The infant development process has always fascinated me. However,¬†as of late, the process it takes to get to us to the point in which we…