A quick review of some nutrition fundamentals. 

With the holidays well behind us and spring on the horizon, we’re going back to basics. Consider this a quick review of some nutrition fundamentals. 

Over time, we sometimes allow habits to set in even if they don’t support our goals. Review the info below and make any adjustments that will help you improve your health and fitness. And if you want to go even further, contact us and let me know your exact goals so I can tell you how we can help through coaching. I’d love to chat with you!

1. Review Your Beverages

Have any drinks with added sugar crept into your routine? Are you reaching for alcohol out of habit at the end of the day? Are you drinking water regularly? 


Over winter, we sometimes grab warm drinks for comfort and they’re often loaded with empty calories and sugar. And the alcoholic beverages from holiday celebrations sometimes become everyday habits even as December and January disappear into the rearview mirror. 

Over the next few days, make note of everything you drink and look for things that don’t match up with your goals. Then sub them out—or reduce consumption to levels that support your goals.

2. Review Your Veggie Intake

Vegetables are incredibly important to sound nutrition and fresh produce is amazing. Colder months can make it impossible to find food that’s right out of the garden and frozen peas don’t always seem like a top-of-the-menu item. I get it!

But veggies are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. And they fill you up and don’t create blood-sugar spikes. They’re the foundation of healthy eating and they’re essential for anyone who wants to become fitter or healthier.


So take a close look at your meals over a few days. Are you eating veggies regularly? Could you add more? Could you make some changes to swap out processed carbs for veggies? Could you try different veggies or new recipes to spice things up?

How many vegetables should you eat? Well, the “plate model” provides a great starting point: Fill half your plate with vegetables at each meal.

3. Review Your Snacks

Are you still raiding the freezer for frozen holiday treats? Or are your snacks an appropriate mix of protein, carbs, and fat in quantities that match your goals?

It’s very easy to sabotage yourself with snacks. Many of the fast, convenient, tasty options are packed with sugar and fat and it often takes a little more work to come up with a healthy snack. But it’s worth it!

Take a look at your between-meal habits. Are you reaching for chips or sweets or processed carbs? Are you turning snacks into meals by accident? Do your snacks ever contain lean protein? 

If you monitor your intake around meals, you’ll definitely see some patterns and you might identify some changes you can make. Maybe those cookies at coffee break become blueberries, grilled turkey breast, and a few nuts. Maybe ice cream in the afternoon becomes an apple.

We Can Help!

If you do the “three reviews” I listed above and want some help making more changes, I’d love to talk with you about a plan. We’ll go over your goals and make sure your habits in the kitchen match up. 

P.S. If you have a favorite veggie dish, send me the recipe. I’d love to share it with other members who might enjoy it!

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