1. Eat as much organic, unprocessed foods as possible.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to find raw, organic foods wherever you go. Remember your body will always respond best when you feed it foods in their natural state and not altered through processing. Stay away from anything in a box or a bag. If it was not here ten thousand years ago, Do not eat it! Stay away from refined sugars.Your body has a very difficult time trying to digest refined sugars. They are literally a poison to the body. Eating whole organic foods with all of their enzymes intact is the easiest way for your body to perform at optimal levels and the first step in changing body composition!


2. Incorporate high quality organic protein sources in your diet.

When following a regular routine of cardio respiratory and resistance training your body has a much greater demand for protein. During weight training as well as cardiorespiratory training your body is constantly breaking down muscle tissue. Protein is required to rebuild it. By regularly giving your body adequate amounts of protein based on your metabolic type, you will be able to hold on to as well as build muscle easier.


3. Stop the fat phobia 

Fats can be extremely beneficial, especially when trying to lose body fat. Fats are important in a variety of bodily processes including hormone production, joint and organ protection, immunity and even fat burning. Making sure you get the right amount and type of fats from organic sources will ensure your body is functioning at optimal levels.


4. We have been hearing this one for years

Eat plenty of salads, fruits and veggies everyday. This is one we have all heard but fail to focus on. Eating the right amount and types of fruits and vegetables based on your metabolic type will ensure your body receives adequate amounts of enzymes and antioxidants to keep your health and vitality at optimal levels. These should be organic fruits and vegetables to avoid the harmful chemicals sprayed on commercial crops. It is also important to keep in mind that commercial farming has completely damaged the soils and decreased the amount of nutrients found in crops.


5. Make the commitment, follow through and be consistent

I have heard every excuse in the book as to why someone is unable to follow through with a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day it comes down to making the commitment to yourself, setting goals and following through. Remember, to see results you must be consistent. Nothing takes the place of persistence. Follow these basic guidelines, make the commitment, be consistent, and great things will happen.

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