The 2 things you need before you start.



It’s time to get REAL.

In order to make any serious change in your life, you need the two following things first:




And, well, they go hand-in-hand.

You must be honest with yourself – are the actions you take daily leading you closer or further from your goals?

Closer to sickness, or closer to wellness?

Closer to happiness and fulfillment, or closer to dissatisfaction and depression?

Do NOT confuse this with over-restriction or using exercise as punishment. Those are not things that move you closer to wellness.

This is about being honest about how many drinks you have a week. How many times you skip your veggies or buy take-out. How many hours a day you sit and how active you are in general. How often you partake in negative self-talk. How in control you are of your stress. How much sleep you actually get. How many workouts you miss.

But in order to be honest with yourself about these things, you must also be AWARE of your actions and aware of what will move you closer to your goals.

NOTE: Perfection is NOT the goal. But being honest and aware can help you set a proper goal.

Save this post and then take 5 minutes to yourself tonight and consider:

1 – What is my current goal?

2 – What am I doing daily to move toward achieving that goal?

3 – What do I not know enough about to move me closer to my goal and how can I learn more?

4 – What do I know I am doing that is moving me away from my goal that I want to commit to changing?

Be honest and find awareness.

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